What is a VIP?

We created the VIP program in early 2012 to allow members from the community to use our hotel and ground facilities. We knew there was a great need to use the pool and with us having an exercise room as well it seemed like a great idea to create a VIP program. We are constantly thanked by VIP’s for allowing them to have access to the pool and equipment year round. Our VIP program requires a one year contract or simply pay for a Daily Pass.

VIP members 3 and under are free as long as there is an adult membership. The pool and exercise hours are from 4 AM till Midnight 7 days a week. Mornings are a great time for seniors to come work out. 10 PM to midnight daily is adult only swim.

Our pool is always 89 degrees!

In addition to year round membership to our pool & exercise rooms, all special classes such as water aerobics are included. We have many other activities on our resort property such as Family Cove and our Kid Zip line. Any and all outdoor facilities are open to VIP and daily pass individuals.

VIP Pricing

Pricing (paid monthly) for our VIP Program is as follows:

  • Primary Guest Pass – $19.99
  • Senior Guest Pass – $14.99
  • Family Pass (up to 4) – $29.99
  • Extended Family Pass (up to 8) – $39.99

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