I am proud to know Terrance.  He works hard and laughs loud. He also has what is referred to as a “service heart” .  Many who work in hospitality do.  It’s why we do this kind of work.  We strive to provide comfort to those who need.

It’s a fact that volunteer work keeps a body healthy.  I’m not sure  of the science behind it .  I’m confident that the MOTIVATION  behind it is driven by the fact we all need purposes in our lives.
Terrance has started a group called Bless The Homeless.  They will be meeting here in our conference room on November 12th.  If you would like to join , meet me here at the front desk, bring in a scarf, a blanket, anything that might help a friend we have yet to meet in need.  I will walk you in and introduce you to the young man we are all so proud to know….yes…I  mean Terrance. (Lol)

Very sincerely and respectfully signing off as,



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