You will not be bored at Brook Pointe


For one reason or another, you might find yourself stuck at a hotel.  Rest assured traveler, you will not be bored here at BPI.  

#1: Swim, work out, and walk around,

Indoor pool, fitness center and nature trails, all at your disposal here at the hotel and we are close enough to the main drag in town for any of your impulse shopping desires. We are  not far from anything really; and there are great stores , historical sights, and a variety of restaurants to entice.  What we have done is partnered up with local businesses and attractions here and we can provide you with discounts.


#2: Chat with the Staff

Assuming you’re not stuck in your room with a contagious disease, take some time to get to know the staff. They are locals with lots of interesting tips for you and if you find you have some interests in common they might even help you get a taste of local life.

#3 Play games

 You can cross language barriers with a simple pack of cards.  If you are traveling with kids: make an obstacle course out of the chairs, beds and suitcases and try to go through the whole thing without touching the floor. Ask for extra pillows and blankets and make a fort.


#4: Write a Letter

 There’s something really special about getting a handwritten letter but most people feel they never have time to write one, or have nothing to write about.

Now’s the perfect time to write a beautiful letter to someone you care about. And since you’re on holidays or a big trip then you’ve probably also got plenty of news to tell them.

#5 Make lists

Write up your bucket list or simply figure out a good schedule for achieving a few  goals in the weeks after you arrive back home after your trip.

😀 Kari

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