Welcome to Brook Pointe Inn


I have worked at this hotel for a while now and have learned a lot about what the hospitality industry is all about.  It’s going to be fun sharing these stories with you

The first thing I want to share with you is how we define the front desk representative here at BPI. The first person you come in contact with here at the hotel is the front desk representative.   Their job is to welcome visitors to the hotel and ensure that our guests have a comfortable and first class stay from the moment you step into the hotel until the moment you leave.  They make sure our guests are well taken care of.  The front desk staff here at Brook Pointe does their job well.

What I do here is a lot of the same, but at a different level.  I view the arrival list and help the staff prepare and get ready to welcome our guests.  I assist in providing the many services this hotel offers the traveler, and we do it all.  You can have your wedding here, plan your anniversary here.  You can hold your birthday party here.  You can get salon treatments from massages to body wraps.  I also answer your questions and address your complaints or concerns.   My job is never boring and is quite funny at times.  So stay tuned .

🙂 Kari

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