We are all VIPs

Let me introduce you to “Herman”, at least that’s what the ladies who trained me called him.  He sits in our foyer through the winter season.   He is part of the hotel’s past and it has become a tradition for us to set him up to greet you at the door . 

I work for a company that does not stand still, constantly looking for ways to improve.  But, there are certain things you can always count on happening here at BPI, certain traditions, so to speak, we will always honor here.  We  respect our guests, young and old.  We strive to make your stay here comfortable.   We  look for ways to reach out to the community.  One example is through our VIP program, which offers you unlimited access to our fitness center, pool, and classes we offer year round. I suggest you stop in, take a tour and join this program before the first of the year. We can make that new year's resolution to healthier you alot of fun!   Look for one of my next entries to show you proof of how this VIP program can work for you.

IMG_0104  Hello Herman! 

He could use a little time in our fitness center to build up those arms!

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