Thank you for thanking me

What people are doing to  celebrate birthday parties, Christmas parties, anniversaries, etc.   are  renting hotel rooms, spending the time here with family, gathering in our conference center  and dining room then  finishing the night off by, of course, swimming ! 

This weekend we had a couple great parties going on, one Christmas gathering, one birthday bash.  The birthday party in our conference room utilized out business space by projecting a movie with the equipment we keep here on hand for conferences.   I love it when we can brainstorm together with you to make your time here memorable.  We know we have done a good job when our guests thank us for the time they have spent here at BPI.

That seems to be a new trend I am seeing here, the family retreats.  We have one scheduled to happen January 10th and 11th 2014 here at the hotel for anyone to join.  We have events planned from a luau to designing a t-shirt commemorating   the event.   Call me here @ Brook Pointe Inn to book your family in for that weekend.  I can  guarantee we will.have a blast.


Happy Birthday Katie!  Your family is awesome.


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