Ode to Cathy

I work here at the front desk a lot and the biggest part of that job is making the reservations for guests.  When we don’t have availability, if asked, I will help a traveler find accommodations at a different hotel.  I have a friend who is a housekeeper at another hotel (Hi MattieJ) I will recommend her place of employment because I know the rooms will be clean.  Other times I use location to redirect where they should stay.

  I had the pleasure of talking with a gentleman today who was very nice.  He had stayed here before and liked BPI and his kids were coming in and thought they should stay here.  That is a good reference. btw.

Anyway, here’s my point.  He told me he had went online to book his stay and had been redirected to .. let’s put it this way .. to another web site that books hotel rooms, not just ours, and suffered through a high pitched sales effort to get him to book a hotel, any hotel  with them. 

We talked about that and we talked about what our exact website link is if ever he needed it again.  If you are curious ,it is brookpointeinn.com and the link is called an elegant country setting.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have availability on the days he requested, but he was so nice to me, so friendly that I wanted to help.  That is the message I want to express today ultimately. Be nice to others and they will be nice to you.  We all know that we just forget it sometimes. 

This nice man and I talked for a while and then we looked for a place for his family to stay and then I coached him on what to say to the front desk rep to get the best possible deal.  I went out of my way simply because he was nice, and polite.  I didn’t even think about it, it just happened.

 Try it today, be nice to someone , see what happens.

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