The definition means “I bow to the divine in you".  I learned that in yoga last night.  Our instructor taught us that.  She describes it better by saying it means “I acknowledge the light in you.”  I knew I would be writing about that as soon as she said it. 

I just started to go to this class and have the privilege of watching it grow.  I am horrible at yoga. But, I am determined to keep at it .  If you are a VIP and maybe a little shy about starting? Feel better knowing I suck at it.   

Keep in mind,  these classes we offer here are part of the deal.  The use of the pool, the fitness center, the classes and a 5 % discount if you book a party or decide to stay as our guest, all part of the package!    Right now we have water zumba, low impact aerobics, yoga, an art class and a nutrition class.   So, if you want to get to get into shape? Pick your path.

Oh, and if you need a buddy for a class, stop by front desk and ask me to join you.  I will make you look like a rock star.


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