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There have been so many changes that ARE happening and that HAVE heppened this year.  All deserve to be noted. I should and could write a blog for each and every change but we are not going to do that.  We are going to condense it and just make all aware of the behind the scenes moments I can share with you to let you know how hard this staff works.

The  Cafe !!!  –  ahh the Cafe! located right off the lobby and working on the honor system with a cash box mounted on the left wall as you enter it.  This is where all the vending is located as well as a fountain Pepsi machine and a Kuerig coffee maker.  We sell different varieties of kcups inc.  my newest very favorite…. Jetfuel, the wonderful flavor of that strong blend of magic beans is a folk song waiting to be written.  Any way, back to the Cafe!  The team that built this cafe should be very proud of what they accomplished.  They created a faux stone oven that  houses the cookie oven, they set in place a brick floor to mimic a side street, added awnings and artwork and replicated store fronts to showcase our vending in such an individual style it sets off our lobby and lets you know this hotel is a one of a kind. This Cafe! ( see whay I am doing here) lol is my most favorite of all the changes.  Inside the walls of that cafe are the handprints of the family that inspire the owners of this hotel.

The fire pit-  what  sets this apart is the circle of swings that surround it. It promotes a chance to get to know fellow travelers as well as a gathering place for your own party to relax.

The zip line- this is a big hit with our younger guests!. I have been working here at the front desk and had our younger clientel come bursting in the front door, all excited to share with me what they found while out walking the trails that surround the hotel.  🙂  I love that. .

The pool room- Just recently renovated and again, the details showcase the feeling that your comfort has become a priority to this hotel. It is a salt water pool with a specialized pool lining made for salt water pools and they chose blue to really pop some color into the environment. There are rinsing stations added and again more art work that showcase one of Syracuse's own artists, Cassie Graber.  It took the team several days of 12-15 hour shifts to get this room done in a timely manner. We didn't want the pool down any longer than it had to be.

These are just a few of the things that have happened over the past couple of months. I want to also recap what we have always had going on.  To date, we have 10 rooms with queen or king beds and in room jacuzzi tubs. We will be adding more.  We also have a complimentary hot breakfast with your room rental and our value card which offers travelers a way to navigate our city with the phone numbers and locations of recommended restaurants and attractions.

Mission statements may change and they need to in order to provide the best of services.  But the owner's goal  to take the guest's stay to the next level  shows in every detail, in every project.  For more information about upcoming projects, check out our Facebook page.




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