Schedule of Events

The evening will begin with checking in to the hostess.  Once you arrive you will be greeted with your part you will play for the evening.  You can begin mingling with others playing games and enjoying our appetizers.   The coordinator of the event will mingle with you and help you with your parts while you are enjoying the fun and festivities.  Each year the theme is a little different but there will be music and festivities during this time as well.  The coordinator will speak shortly before dinner.  It will be during the dinner that things are happening all around you so be attentive to conversations which may help you solve the murder later in the evening.

Once dinner has finished you will all be ushered together to discuss what has happened and how to proceed with the rest of the evening. You will need to look for clues, study people and begin figuring out who the murderer is.

The evening will not disappoint and you will love to be part of the event.