Let it snow


Brook Pointe is located outside of Syracuse in a wooded setting with rolling hills and foot trails.  We had some locals stop by to do some sledding this weekend.   We invited them inside for hot cocoa by the fireplace.  That would have been the ideal picture.  I didn’t think of that until just now.  I instead trudged up the hill in the deep snow to take pictures of the action!  I do have some cool shots of them playing around in the snow.

Mother Nature has been pretty active this winter.  I had a friend inform me of the actual accumulation for this month alone and compared it to previous years but I neglected to save that on my computer.  Thanks anyway B… The first few days of January this year, we had so much snow fall no one was allowed on the roads for a couple days.  The corporation I work for offered the guys that plow the roads free coffee throughout their shift and a place to stay after they clocked out.   

We can’t change Mother Nature’s ways.  We must deal with it.  I recommend drinking hot chocolate and helping each other out when we have  an opportunity to do so,  and playing in the snow.. alot.


IMG_0126[1] hot chocolate and doughnuts with the first to brave Brook Pointe hills!

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