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I had the opportunity to book a hotel room for my boss in a city that I didn’t know very well and now know firsthand how intimidating that can be for travelers.  There was a little more pressure in my case.  I should be able to find the best hotel, and be able to negotiate the lowest cost, etc.  After all, I am a professional. lol.

How did I do it?   I got online and did some research.  First stop, of course, was what amenities they had to offer, and then I studied the traveler reviews.  The prices were important, yes, but not as important as what the other people who stayed there had to say.

BPI has several different ways we track customer satisfaction.  We have the online reviews we track, we have surveys we give guests the day they check out, and then we follow through with a call and an email thanking you for choosing Brook Pointe and asking how your stay was.  We also have our Face Book page that keeps you posted as to what’s going on here at the hotel.  One more thing has just been added to the social media mix, and that is our new phone app.  Download it and get access to coupons for discounted stays, accumulate loyalty points for the VIP program and utilize the comments tab.  We want to hear what you have to say.  That’s how we learn what's working, what's not.

I get an email alerting me if an online review has been posted and I am proud to say they have been great lately.  I admit I get a little excited when I get that email telling me a new review has been posted!!

 So, my fellow hotel “bookies” head to, review BPI, if you enjoyed your stay,  that's going to make my day.

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