I’ve missed you..


Have you missed me?  I haven’t been feeling very well, and haven’t written in a while.  You know how it goes, you start to feel bad, and your energy level drops, and you (I) just don’t feel like you (I) are (am) accomplishing anything. 

Then a card came in the mail.  Thanking Brook Pointe for thoughtful service.  Then a couple days later another thank you card arrived in the mail!  

I have never worked anywhere before Brook Pointe where I received a thank you card for doing my job, to receive 2 in one week is awesome, and the timing? Perfect.  Those cards were better than chicken soup. Thank you,

 So here's what Im going to do.  I will keep those cards on the wall beside my desk.  I will visualize that each guest  that stays here is one of the guests that sent me the thank you cards.

😀 Kari

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