It goes without saying

I start out every day by checking our Facebook page.  BPI now has over 4400 friends!  That is cool.  What that says (without saying) is how active we are in our community.   The VIP program we have set in place here is the perfect example of how we reach out.   It is more than just an exercise program for you –it is a loyalty program between you and the hotel.    There are VIP s who have included in their daily routine, coming here, meeting up with friends, and exercising. 

Now, let’s talk about the family escape weekend planned for February 21st and 22nd.   What we want to see happen is that this escape weekend brings together the people involved.  There is a chance here to meet new people and make new friends.  This can be a time for you to spend the weekend with old friends as well.   We see an opportunity to start another loyalty program within our community with our Family Escape weekends.

  I have talked about how proud I am to work for an innovative company such as this one.  I have told you all how much I enjoy my job here.  I have shown you pictures of how beautiful it is out here and yet mere steps away from down town Syracuse.    I have introduced staff to you.  Now, once again, what does that say without really saying it?  The answer I want you to see is this hotel has heart, is run with you in mind.  We want you to stay, and we want you to be satisfied with what you have spent your money on.

Now for some blatant patting on the back…. What other hotel does that?  Really…how many places have you stayed where they go out of their way to make sure you enjoy yourself that much?

Call me and book your family in for the very first of many Family Escape Weekends.  As the first of its kind it will be over the top, guaranteed.  It goes without saying.

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