I am Collin’s mom

I work for a company that is family oriented.  I take advantage of that fact once and a while and let my son come to work with me.

What I demand is that he dresses appropriately, and treats people with respect.  It also helps if he doesn’t  talk to me while I am on the phone, but I can’t have everything.

What he does on his own is the awesome part.  He helps, he will tell you where the ice machine is, how to get to the pool, and he wants to make our guests comfortable.  He has asked already if I will train him on the front desk software, since he plans to work here in the future.   He is 9 years old!   It cracks me up and makes me so proud all at the same time.

When he goes to other hotels, he reports back to me and tells me they were nice: they have cards to get in every room and mirrored elevators, but that Brook Pointe Inn is his favorite hotel.  I don’t even ask why, I already know.  It’s because he is comfortable here. 

Don’t take my word for it, but you can always trust a 9 year old though … they don’t know about promoting places, they just know what they like.  Collin recommends you stay at Brook Pointe Inn.

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