hotel holiday stay

The day you check out of Brook Pointe Inn we give you a survey to ask how your stay with us was.  What did you like most about your stay, what did you like worse? 

What I would like you, the traveler, to know is if there is any problem, please let us know immediately, and let us fix it for you.  The last thing we want to see happen is your trip to be spoiled by frustration at where you have chosen to stay.  We want your stay here to be memorable (but not with the label “The worse hotel experience you’ve ever had”)

Please also know there are just some things that might happen that are out of our control.  I can honestly say this though; if we work together we can always find a solution.   

 We all travel on a budget these days; I know how it is, especially this time of year to try making memories of happy holidays for our kids and still keeping that budget intact.  You and your budget won’t be disappointed if you choose to include a hotel holiday stay @ BPI.   

As far as the surveys and how we handle those?  Each answer to the question “what did you like least about your stay?   I take those personally.  I know some things are out of my hands, but I take those to heart.  Please when you find you are not comfortable or you feel something is wrong with your stay here; let me try to fix it.  I will do what I can.

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