Hello Housekeeping

I have calculated a housekeeper in this hotel will make over 1800 beds a year,  clean a bathroom  400 times, a remote control, a telephone receiver and a doorknob  as many as 500 times in 1 year.  These are rough estimates but you get my drift.  (A little winter pun btw).

They keep this hotel running smoothly and should be recognized.  This is Shawn; she has now worked here for a year and rolled her eyes when we did the math on how many beds she has made. 

It takes a special person to do the work of a housekeeper.  A friendly, caring character is needed, as well being a hard working and sometimes courageous person in general.

When you come to  Brook Pointe and meet Shawn, you should stop by front desk and tell me you agree with my assessment.

😀 Kari



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