good night.. or is it good morning?

1/28/2014 1:55:18 AM I am pulling a third shift tonight/today.  There is something about working by yourself at this time of night that is peaceful, true,  but it takes a special person to do it!

 Lol.  I am a talker so any one walking in on this shift when I’m working  it.. had better be prepared for just that.  Until you arrive by the way, I will be talking to myself ,( I do not answer ) laughing  at my own jokes, (I think I am quite funny),   singing  out loud,(there are great acoustics here  ) . I have even been known to move furniture around  (quietly I promise ).  

There is always a front desk representative available for you here.  No matter what time you arrive.  We can share coffee and chat by the fire or get you in that room so you can get to sleep. 

Christopher normally works third shift, and he is dependable.   He is smart, kind of quiet and reserved, and never complains.  We are grateful he is part of our group here.  I normally work a day shift so we seldom get a chance to talk. When you meet him, please tell him he’s doing a great job, and pass it on that Kari says thank you!

I miss him right now….

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