Family Escape Weekend Update :(

We had to cancel the March Family Escape Weekend.  I am sorry to disappoint all that planned to attend.  

When I think back to that first Family Escape,  I would have to say personally my favorite event  was movie night.  We have a projector and viewed the movie like you would in the theater, but with fuzzy blankets and pillows; we were very cozy.  So unlike the theater chairs you endure for 1.5 hours.   I also enjoyed the fact that everyone kids thought it was fun to feed me popcorn and licorice. (thank you young friends) 😀

Overall it was not a typical weekend for us here at the hotel, it had more of a personal feel to it. 

It was great to meet the families that were here for that first weekend.  I can't wait to meet yours.

We have one more scheduled for this year so let's go out with a bang! Book em now!

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