Destination: Family Escape

Here at BPI we have what we call "destination packages"–when you come to stay at the hotel, not just as travelers. .  Our most popular ? the Romance Getaway.  we decorate you room with rose petals and candle light.  Chill a bottle of sparkling white grape juice and deliver chocolate lava cake to your door at your request.  Our second is the Family Escape .  When your family arrives, I intrroduce myself and let you know however I can make you comfortable, what ever you might need to just let me know. Tonight, someone small walked up and told me very seriously " I have thought about this  Kari and I have decided what I really want you to do for me is get me the movie Frozen to watch tonight."  So it shall be,  little lady!!

Moments like that are what make my job fun.  Check out the dates we have for the Family Escape. 

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