Clean rooms


I don’t know about you, but when I drive by a hotel and they advertise” clean rooms “on their sign; I have to wonder what’s really going on. Does this mean at one time they weren’t renting clean rooms or does it mean they want me to stop in and clean them? Free wi-fi is another one of the advertised amenities I see no point in telling you we have here,  It’s like air , it’s there and if you’re any good with your computer it’s not like I can stop you anyway.

Now let’s discuss what BPI has that’s worth promoting: indoor pool, open 4: am-midnight and well taken care of.  I swim in it, the pool guy that tests the water swims in it, enough said?

The Staff, friendly, courteous and helpful, I want you to know almost every survey I have read will have at least one of those adjectives describing the staff in it.  That is a fact.

 The letter posted on the home page of our web site by the owners states Brook Pointe is comfortable and affordable.  That sums it up.

So when you come to stay @ BPI, challenge us, take for granted the rooms are clean, the ice is free, the wi-fi wafts through the air. Request fresh flowers in your room.  Demand  only the green m&ms.  You will pay for that rock star experience, but we will be happy to oblige.

😀 Kari

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