Attitude is Everything

This weekend was the date for the March Family Escape.   Unfortunately it had to be cancelled.  There simply was not enough rooms scheduled.   We have a guest here last night that was scheduled to come for the escape, she planned her birthday around it.  SHe was disappointed we cancelled. But her family came anyway, and right now she's celebrating with her friends and having fun.  She's not mad at us for having to cancel-instead she gave us the chance to make it right as best as we could. 

I read our Face Book page and I'm glad my boss doesn't hide the negative comments!   I was going to title this entry :"To All the Lovers and the Haters"  and address some of the negative comments I have found posted but  I also wanted to say thanks to all of you that post your good experiences with Brook Pointe Inn.  I read your posts and can recall meeting you and/or seeing you around the hotel.   Thank you all  for sharing on our page. 

I want every one to know we use your comments constructively, but sometimes, somethings are out of our hands.  We have to work together to find an answer that works for both the hotel and our guest.   Learn from the young lady who was here  last night.  Let us try to make things right with you or for you. 

It's my opinion bad customer experience is when no one cares to hear me. That's not the case here at Brook Pointe Inn.


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